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McKamey Manor, a “haunted attraction,” is a participation event “where you will live your own horror movie.” Critics have argued that McKamey Manor is not a haunted attraction, but a torture chamber. Founder Russ McKamey denies these claims, and maintains that the Manor has an element of mystery.

“The reason why the manor is so controversial is because nobody is saying what’s actually happening in here and that’s out of respect for the manor and myself and what we’re trying to produce here. If the people who go through the haunt want to spill all the beans and say everything that happens, they certainly could but they don’t and that makes the haters crazy because they don’t know what’s happening. That’s why you hear all the insane rumors because they’re just making things up in their mind of what is happening.” - Russ McKamey
What is McKamey Manor?
McKamey Manor, founded by Russ McKamey, is known as the most extreme “haunted attraction” in the United States. However, what separates this attraction from the rest is the fact that there are no zombies or ghosts. Rather, there are actors who are legally allowed to bind you, gag you, and push you to your mental and physical limitations. Of course, the experience isn’t for the average person. To even get the chance to experience the Manor, you would be required to be at least 21 years of age (or 18 with parent’s permission), pass a physical exam, a background check, and a drug test. The tour, which operates year-round and can last up to 10 hours, offers participants the chance to earn $20,000 upon full completion. According to McKamey, not a single participant has ever successfully endured the full 10 hours.
Just a handful of patrons are permitted to enter each weekend. There is no entrance fee, though McKamey asks that participants donate a bag of dog food upon their arrival. Besides meeting the necessary qualifications, McKamey requires that his participants refrain from swearing and physically engaging with the actors. Violation of these rules would be grounds for subsequently ending the tour.
Now based in Summertown, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama, the Manor bills itself as “an audience participation event in which YOU will live your own horror movie.” However, others describe it as a “torture chamber.” McKamey Manor has received criticism from the public, the “haunt” industry, and even some participants. Critics have branded McKamey a “psychopath” who found a “legal loophole” to fulfill his sadistic tendencies.
Frequently asked questions range from “Is this legal?” to “Is this a hoax?” McKamey assures the public that not only is the attraction 100% within its legal rights of operating, it is also not a hoax.
If all goes to plan, prospective participants are required to sign a 40-page waiver prior to the tour. The waiver asks that the participant understands and agrees to:
“19. Participant was warned numerous times about the intensity of MM and by the Owners and other members of the crew that YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO DO THIS.
“20. Participant agrees and understands that your life in reality is not in danger and this is just a game.
”21. Participant agrees and understands that during the Tour and Participant is in the van, they will not be secured by a seatbelt or other safety device.
“22. Participant understands and agrees that they are not being tortured and this is just a game.
“23. Participant understands and agrees that they are not being beat up, kicked, slugged, or actually physically harmed. You will be roughed up but no one is there to hurt you. Knowing that, MM is very rough and not for the meek. Participant will have bumps, bruises, possible black eyes, swelling of the face, etc.
“24. Participant understands and agrees that they are never being held against their will.
The waiver continues to stress that the experience is just “a game” several times. By number 28, the waiver starts to detail what the participant may be subjected to:
“28. Participant fully understands that by signing this waiver that they are giving MM permission to keep nothing off the table (except sexual or inappropriate situations). Everything else imaginable can and will happen inside of MM. You are aware of this and are giving full permission for any action that may happen inside of MM.
“29. Participant agrees to and has full knowledge that if selected to visit the barber, Participant may leave MM completely bald, including eyebrows.
“30. Participant agrees and knowledges that mousetraps are used within the Tour which may result in bruising, cutting, or breakage of fingers.
“31. Participant agrees that if selected, they could be buried alive under 12 feet of dirt and rock to which they will have a limited amount of air and that they will have to figure out how to escape and they could possibly breathe in a significant amount of dust, dirt, or foreign objects that may cause death if Participant does not breathe properly or hold their breath at the right time.
“32. Participant agrees to partake, if selected to participate, in a height stunt that involves walking a plank 25 feet above ground without a safety net.
“33. Participant agrees that if selected they will come in contact with a variety of live poisonous animals. It is the Participant’s responsibility to not panic or agitate the animals. If Participant is bitten, it is because the Participant made a sudden movement within a confined secured environment.”
The waiver continues for several more pages, the intensity increasing with each page.
Consenting Participants or Victims?
One San Diego participant, Amy Milligan, says that experience was more than “just a game.” According to Milligan, she suffered several injuries beyond “cuts and bruises.” Milligan was waterboarded during her tour. Milligan claims that, while exclaiming she could not breathe, actors laughed while they continued to waterboard her.
“My hair is wrapping around my neck and I start freaking out. I’m telling them I can't breathe and they’re just laughing and doing it more.”
Despite the “traumatic” experience, Mulligan spoke highly of the tour during her exit interview, going as far as adding that she did not feel like she had been “tortured” and treated it “as a game.”
However, Mulligan claims that the only reason she left a positive review was to ensure that McKamey would upload the footage of her tour to YouTube. Mulligan had intended to use the footage as evidence of her excessive abuse. However, Mulligan found herself disappointed when she watched the video. According to Mulligan, the most distressing portion of her tour had been edited out of the footage.
In an interview, Mulligan says that she begged to go home but was forced to continue to tour. “I’m like ‘I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I need to go home let me out, let me out,’ and they’re like ‘you’re not done.’” Mulligan adds, “[They] shoved my head back in the water and I was like, ‘They’re not going to let me out. I’m going to die in here.’”
Another San Diego participant, Laura Hertz Brotherton, shares a story similar to that of Mulligan’s. Like Mulligan, Brotherton left the tour with more than just cuts and bruises. Prior to Brotherton’s scheduled tour, McKamey sent Brotherton tasks that she would have to complete in order to prove her loyalty to McKamey. Brotherton was required to purchase an adult onesie that she would wear on her tour and videotape her visit to a nearby Halloween store. Brotherton described her initial interactions with McKamey as “fun,” and was looking forward to the day of her tour. McKamey instructed that Brotherton upload her assignments to Facebook. While navigating McKamey Manor’s Facebook page, Brotherton became romantically involved with another fan on the other side of the country, despite the fact that they were both in, albeit estranged, relationships. To Brotherton’s surprise, her affair had struck a nerve with McKamey. So much so that upon Brotherton’s arrival to the Manor on October 23, 2016, McKamey publicly exposed Brotherton, who was in the company of her boyfriend. While Brotherton’s boyfriend was aware of the affair, her online partner’s wife was not aware.
According to Brotherton, McKamey was cold to her for the remainder of the tour. Despite that Brotherton had just been humiliated, she was determined to power through. Brotherton had traveled to San Diego from Colorado and felt that it was too late to turn back. According to Brotherton, her experience was more extreme in comparison to others. Brotherton believes that McKamey was particularly harder on her. Brotherton believes that McKamey’s knowledge of her affair factored into the excessive abuse, noting that he appeared to be “personally offended” by it. Speaking of her experience, Brotherton says,
“I was waterboarded, I was tased, I was whipped. I still have scars of everything they did to me. I was repeatedly hit in my face, over and over and over again. Like, open-handed, as hard as a man could hit a woman in her face…” More graphically, Brotherton adds that she was blindfolded with duct tape and submerged underwater by her ankles. According to Brotherton, she was submerged underwater for so long that her body started involuntarily thrashing. Brotherton was later forced to dig a hole in dirt with nothing other than her bare hands. Brotherton was then forced to lie in the fresh hole while they covered her and her face with dirt, giving her only a straw to breathe through. “[The dirt] started to go into my throat, and I started to swallow it. I’m coughing and I keep saying ‘I need water,’ and they would just splash water in my face. That went on for, I want to say, 20 to 30 minutes.”
Brotherton repeated the safe word for several minutes before the actors finally relented. Like Mulligan, Brotherton had to record an exit video. In the video, Brotherton also spoke positively about her experience. Though according to Brotherton, it was because she was “forced” to.
“Before Russ turned the camera on he said to me, if I do not say good things about McKamey Manor and I start telling what actually happened, he’s going to sue me for $50,000. I signed a waiver saying this could happen. So Russ forced me into saying all these great things, like, ‘Oh my God, my tour was so amazing, it was exhilarating,’ blah, blah, blah.”
After her experience, Brotherton went to the hospital but refused to tell the hospital staff who or what caused her injuries. As a result, the hospital staff called the police. Brotherton, however, was discharged and left before the police arrived. Brotherton says that she later worked up the courage to report the incident to the police, but was told that she didn’t have a criminal case because of the waiver she signed. Brotherton took photographs to document her injures. According to journalist Megan Seling, who interviewed Brotherton for her article, Tennessee's McKamey Manor: Torture on Demand, the nature of Brotherton’s injuries included:
“In one photo, Brotherton is in a neck brace and a hospital gown and her face is markedly swollen. She has scrapes on her cheeks and a lump on her forehead, her lips are red and puffy, and there are small cuts at the corner of her mouth.
In another image, you can see a large, bloody wound on Brotherton’s left knee. She says that’s an old surgery scar that opened up after McKamey’s actors cut off her knee pads and made her crawl on the ground. Her legs are covered in scratches, and there’s a large purple bruise on top of her left foot. There are also two pictures of her torso, showing large purple bruises that stretch across her hip and stomach. She says X-rays showed a hairline fracture in her foot, and the inside of her mouth was so scratched up from the hitting and “fish-hooking” (“Where they take their two fingers and they put them inside your mouth and they stretch your mouth open”) that the hospital sent her home with medical mouthwash, which she had to use every two hours for three days.”
According to Seling, McKamey didn’t deny Brotherton’s claims, though he did shed doubt on the fracture in her foot. McKamey also admitted to exposing her affair but claimed that it didn’t affect her tour in terms of increasing severity. Rather, according to McKamey, “Any personal information we have, we’ll use it against you in the tour.”
Towards the end of the article, Seling states, “Here’s the thing: There is no $20,000. There’s no caiman named Ralphie, there’s no quicksand-like mud that will swallow you whole, and McKamey will certainly never slather your body in flame-retardant gel and lock you in an incinerator somewhere in Huntsville, Ala. None of that is real.”
McKamey himself commented on the article, suggesting that Seling reported her opinions rather than facts. The comment read,
“Russ here, I'm posting this FB post here because I think it's worth mentioning. There really is only one part of your story that I have an issue with. Sure the way you went on and on about Laura B. without having the real facts was to be expected. Clearly if things happened the way you suggested in the piece...I would be in jail. I can assure you, Laura's tour was no tougher then other "Chamber" tours in San Diego. If you would have spoken to other contestants who have taken multiple tours (up to 5), including the same tour that Laura would have received a balanced take on the San Diego shows. I offered you their names, but you decided to go with the most salacious participant. The person who has been banned by all other extreme attractions. Why...because she causes trouble and she does not speak the truth. The bottom line Megan Seling is this. Why did you feel it was important to get one final (unsubstantiated), dig in at myself and the Manor. Would you top off a story about a magician or illusionist with a statement about what is real or nor real? But for some reason you felt it necessary to do so covering the MM story. It may have been understandable to include your final paragraph if for some reason you really felt inclined to complain because I wasn't giving away my secrets, but you did so much more then that. You left your readers with the impression that what you were saying was fact. And that's were I have a big issue with what you presented to your audience. You deceived your readers by presenting your "opinion" as a factual statement. You even admitted to other FB readers that you you knew what you did was going to upset me, but you went full steam ahead nonetheless. In hindsight, that's probably the effect you were looking for. As you and I both know, I called it from the first phone call and several hours working with you on your story, how you would eventually spin the article. And as usual in these cases deal with the media...I was correct. But let's get back to the actual statement you presented to your audience as fact...not opinion. You wrote the following: "Here’s the thing: There is no $20,000. There’s no caiman named Ralphie, there’s no quicksand-like mud that will swallow you whole, and McKamey will certainly never slather your body in flame-retardant gel and lock you in an incinerator somewhere in Huntsville, Ala. None of that is real." That is not an're stating this as fact. I would like to offer this challenge to you publicly here in your papers comment section. I have already done so numerous times as you're well aware. Because you're so keen on exploring what is real and not real at MCKAMEY MANOR, and because you're so inclined to make that the final impression of your story, I have a very simple way to bring this to a very exciting conclusion. All you have to do Megan is to actually take the tour. I would think as a professional journalist you would be more then happy to participate in this little adventure. If for no other reason just to get the actual facts correct. Unfortunately we all know you will never do that. Instead you'll sit behind your desk in the comfort of your safe space, writing about second hand information instead of actually seeking the truth from your own experience. I understand that there are those that are "participants" in the world, and others who simple watch from the sidelines. In your case I'm offering you a chance to actually become an active player and not just a computer warrior. If you would care to sign up for the tour, I'm pretty sure you would change your statement. What do you have to loose? Don't just toss opinions out as fact. Maybe you're absolutely correct that MCKAMEY MANOR in not real in the faintest, and that nothing is what it seems. My challenge to you is to be a real real journalist and find out the facts. Imagian the great story you would have, and I know your supporters would love to see you get away from your desk and safe space to show us all what MCKAMEY MANOR is real all about. Is MM just "Smoke and Mirrors," or it it something much more exciting and magical. This would make an excellent follow on piece for your paper. Do you have what it takes Megan to actually find out the truth? If anyone would like to participate in the MM experience, please fill out the contact form at Be advise you must be able to meet all basic requirements and you must provide a doctors letter stating your mentally and physically cleared to participate in our little adventure called MCKAMEY MANOR. And no matter what you may have read in this article, the chance to win 20,000.00 is absolutely real. Do I believe that will ever happen...not on your life ladies and gentlemen. MM is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. One final note, I'm the most transparent individual you'll ever have the opportunity to meet. If anyone one of you reading this comment have any questions for me, feel free to call me directly at (omitted by u/BubbaJoeJones). I will answer any and all questions...concerning anything. Thank you for reading my little rant :-). Russ McKamey”
Questions and Theories
Real, or Staged?
McKamey, who is a fan of filmmaking and acting, uploads footage of participant’s tours to YouTube. Or, he used to. McKamey has since stopped uploading to YouTube, presumably because of backlash. However, McKamey hasn’t stopped uploading footage of the tours entirely. According to Facebook users who are in McKamey Manor’s private Facebook group, McKamey still privately uploads, and occasionally live streams, the tours. The tours, which resemble movies backed by professional editing, lighting, and props, raise questions as to whether or not what we’re seeing is staged.
In one video, the footage shows three individuals reading the waiver aloud prior to signing. During the reading, McKamey repeats the Manor’s tagline, “You don’t really want to do this.” While the individuals are attempting to read the waiver aloud, they are having their hair pulled out of their scalps, being smacked in the face, and being choked with rope rung around their necks. Footage later shows the individuals having their eyebrows and hair shaved off (and later being forced to eat it), including other sadistic acts such as having drills forced in their nose and mouth, being locked inside a freezer, and being forced to eat raw dead animals.
These acts lead some people to theorize that it’s “just a movie” and that the participants themselves are actors.
People speculate that not only what is shown on camera real, neither is the alleged waiting-list. According to McKamey, there is a waiting list totaling about 27,000 prospective participants in 2015. However, there is no evidence to support the claim that there are 27,000 prospective participants on the waiting list.
There are also people who question the existence of the $20,000 prize upon completion. According to McKamey’s comment, “the chance to win 20,000.00 is absolutely real.” However, some people, including Seling, find it suspicious that nobody has ever been able to claim the prize. McKamey has said on record that though the prize exists, it’s “impossible” to attain. Though, as Seling pointed out, it’s not due to being unable to complete the tour in its entirety, it’s by design. According to some participants, McKamey decides when you’re through, even if you never withdrew your consent. As a result, despite what McKamey claimed, many believe there was no $20,000 prize.
How Does McKamey Afford it?
One question that remains unanswered is how McKamey is able to fund the Manor. McKamey, who is a US Navy Veteran, does not profit off the Manor. As mentioned before, McKamey accepts his payment in the form of dog food, which is later donated to Operation Greyhound. Additionally, McKamey invested $500,000 out of pocket into the establishment of the Manor in San Diego. According to McKamey, he was shelling out about $250-275 a night for an on-site EMT and somewhere between $15,000-20,000 per year on specialty insurance. McKamey estimates that it cost around $500 per haunt. How is/was this experience bankrolled?
Theories and rumors have ranged from believing that McKamey sells the entirety of his footage on the Dark Web, to taking a cut from a betting pool who watches the live streams from Las Vegas.
Though according to McKamey, he doesn’t profit off the Manor “at all.” McKamey admitted to struggling financially after having lost his job as a Veteran’s Advocate. As a result, he found that he had to move the Manor where it would be more affordable. As a result, McKamey moved San Diego home and purchased property in Tennessee and Alabama.
According to McKamey, his only source of income is his $800 monthly retirement check.
Is it Legal?
There has been some debate regarding the legality of operating McKamey Manor. As mentioned before, Brotherton reported the incident to the police and was told that there was nothing that can be done as she had signed a waiver. Moreover, the police were called to McKamey Manor on more than one occasion. According to Seling, police arrived to find one woman in a basement, shivering and bruised with duct tape over her mouth. When police asked the woman if the interaction was consensual, the woman said yes. Police had no option other than to leave.
According to the Brent Cooper, District Attorney of Lawrence County, Tennessee, McKamey Manor is legal. Cooper says that as long as McKamey participants are there voluntarily, no crime is being committed. However, Cooper does add that a participant can withdraw consent in the state of Tennessee at any time. If McKamey were to disregard the withdrawal of consent, a participant would then be classified as a victim who is being held against their will.
McKamey Manor Today
McKamey Manor’s Tennessee location is, according to McKamey, far less physically involved than it was in San Diego. According to McKamey, the experience in Tennessee and Alabama is more of a “mental game.” Rather than being physically tortured, the participant is manipulated into believing that torture is being inflicted upon them. In response to an online petition demanding that the alleged “torture chamber” be “shut down,” McKamey clarified,
“There’s no torture, there’s nothing like that, but under hypnosis if you make someone believe there’s something really scary going on, that’s just in their own mind and not reality. If you’re good enough and you’re able to get inside somebody’s noggin like the way that I can, I can make folks believe whatever I want them to believe. I’m like the most strait-laced guy you could think of, but here I run this crazy haunted house. And people twist it around in their little minds. It really is a magic act, what I do. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.”
However, that isn’t to say people escape the Manor unscathed. McKamey stands by the possibility that one may leave with cuts and bruises, as stated in the waiver.
Despite people having attempted to shut down McKamey Manor by signing petitions and filing police reports, McKamey Manor is still operating year-round in Tennessee and Alabama. According to McKamey, some people have grown so defiant to his presence that they have sent death threats and shot through his windows. Out of the hundreds of threats that McKamey has received over the years, McKamey recalls the one time that he was involved in a potentially life-threatening incident. Shortly before McKamey moved to Tennessee, a single bullet flew by his head while he was working outside in his yard. However, McKamey never reported the alleged incident to the police, claiming that he didn’t want to bring any more attention to himself.
“I’m not going to open it to the masses–I like keeping it a secret. I like the mystery of the manor. If you saw everything it’d be like any other haunted house. That’s my goal, even when I’m dead and gone, to make sure people are still talking about McKamey Manor. That’s why nobody is really going to ever see behind the wall.” - Russ McKamey
To date, little is known about what took place at McKamey Manor in San Diego. Mulligan and Brotherton maintain that they were subjected to excessive abuse, despite that they signed the waiver. As McKamey said, many of his participants choose not to detail their experiences out of respect for maintaining the mystery of the manor. Thus, there are very few accounts available on people’s experiences at the Manor. Although McKamey claims that the Manor in Tennessee and Alabama is the most “toned-down version of the Manor ever,” people continue to sign petitions in an attempt to shut the Manor down. Despite their efforts, McKamey says that he will continue to run the Manor as long as he is able to.
McKamey Manor
An ‘extreme’ haunted house requires a 40-page waiver. Critics say it’s a torture chamber.
San Diego terror attraction McKamey Manor runs into opposition at new Tennessee home
'There's a chance of death': Extreme haunted tour employee explains their terrifying 40-page waiver
McKamey Manor 'victim' speaks out
Terror attraction McKamey Manor is leaving San Diego for the south
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CGX Stock Performance
Cineplex Inc., formerly known as Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund and Galaxy Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian entertainment company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Through its operating subsidiary Cineplex Entertainment LP, Cineplex operates 165 theatres across Canada. The company operates theatres under numerous brands, including Cineplex Cinemas, Cineplex Odeon, SilverCity, Galaxy Cinemas, Cinema City, Famous Players, Scotiabank Theatres and Cineplex VIP Cinemas.
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2019-present: Proposed acquisition by Cineworld
On December 16, 2019, Cineplex announced a definitive agreement to be acquired by the British cinema operator Cineworld Group, the second-largest film exhibitor worldwide, pending shareholder and regulatory approval. Cineworld would be paying $34 per-share—a 42% premium over Cineplex's share price prior to the announcement, valuing the company at CDN$2.8 billion. Cineworld planned to pay US$1.65 billion, and to fund the remainder by taking on debt.
The sale was approved by Cineplex shareholders in February 2020. Activist shareholder Bluebell Capital Partners called for the Canadian government to block the sale, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. which in turn led to the temporary closure(s) of all Cineplex movie theatres across Canada since March 16, 2020, and up until further notice.
Cineplex Store
Browse from over 8500 HD movies including the latest releases and earn SCENE points every time you rent or buy. Watch online or look for the Cineplex Store.
ESPORTS: WorldGaming Network (WGN), formerly Virgin Gaming (now owned by Cineplex), is an online video gaming platform that hosts head to head matches, tournaments and ladders for consoles and PC gamers. WorldGaming has had over 3 million gamers register for its platform worldwide which makes it one of the most robust and dynamic global eSports communities. There have been over 6.7 million matches played over 20,000 tournaments held on since 2010.
Newzoo: Global esports will top $1 billion in 2020, with China as the top market (Feb 25, 2020):
Global esports revenues will surpass $1 billion in 2020 for the first time — without counting broadcasting platform revenues, according to market researcher Newzoo.
Globally, the total esports audience will grow to 495.0 million people in 2020, Newzoo said. Esports Enthusiasts (people who watch more than once a month) make up 222.9 million of this number.
In 2020, $822.4 million in revenues—or three-quarters of the total market—will come from media rights and sponsorship.
“As the esports market matures, new monetization methods will be implemented and improved upon,” said Remer Rietkerk, head of esports at Newzoo, in the report. “Likewise, the number of local events, leagues, and media rights deals will increase; therefore, we anticipate the average revenue per fan to grow to $5.27 by 2023.”
On September 13, 2018, Cineplex announced that it would acquire a stake in VRStudios—a Seattle-based provider of virtual reality installations, and utilize its equipment for as many as 40 VR centers across the country.
Playdium is a family entertainment centre chain owned by Cineplex Entertainment through its subsidiary Player One Amusement Group. The flagship location in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada launched as Sega City @ Playdium near Square One Shopping Centre on September 7, 1996. The 11 acres (480,000 sq ft) centre cost CA$17 million to build and included an arcade, batting cages, go-karts and mini-golf. A partnership with Sega GameWorks, it featured many arcade games from that company such as Daytona USA, and eight-player racing setups for Indy 500 (as Virtua Indy) and Manx TT Super Bike. Indy 500 remains available today. In 1999, the centre was renamed to Playdium. The company opened up two more locations in Brampton and Whitby in late 2019.
The Rec Room
The Rec Room is a Canadian chain of entertainment restaurants owned by Cineplex Entertainment. First opening in Edmonton in 2016, its locations feature entertainment and recreational attractions such as an arcade, driving simulators, recreational games, and virtual reality, as well as restaurants and bars, and an auditorium with a cinema-style screen, which can be used for concerts and other live events.
The Toronto location features The Void virtual reality attraction. In July 2018, Cineplex announced that it would become the exclusive Canadian franchisee of The Void and add additional locations (such as the Mississauga and West Edmonton Mall locations).
SCENE (loyalty program)
SCENE is a Canadian loyalty program established in 2007 by Cineplex Entertainment and Scotiabank.
The main reward is a free movie ticket, starting at 1,250 points for a regular or 3D ticket. Over the years, the program has expanded to include a greater variety of rewards, including restaurants and sporting goods.
Cineplex has an Outtakes (French: Restoplex) restaurant in 94 theatres, some which replace previous restaurant partners (Burger King, KFC and New York Fries) and others which introduce restaurants at locations which did not previously feature one. VIP Cinemas and some Xscape locations feature a licensed lounge with more premium offerings compared to Outtakes. Poptopia is a flavoured popcorn restaurant offered in a full-service format at 22 locations. Other Cineplex theatres may feature Poptopia at the concession stand, but only in the caramel corn and/or kettle corn flavours.
Ice cream at Cineplex locations debuted with Baskin-Robbins and TCBY. Beginning in December 2007, Yogen Früz became the preferred partner. On January 1, 2014, Cineplex acquired a 50% stake in Yoyo's Yogurt Café. As of January 2017, 77 Cineplex theatres feature Yoyo's restaurants, while Yogen Fruz is still available in 23 Cineplex theatres while TCBY is available in 16 locations. Cineplex also manages Melt Sweet Creations, an in-house dessert bouqtiue brand targeted at women ages 19-35 debuted in December 2017 at Cineplex Cinemas Queensway and VIP. Melt is available at 13 locations.
Beverages are available in both cold and hot formats. Cold beverages include the Coca-Cola lineup, which replaced the Pepsi lineup used at locations formerly owned by Famous Players. 12 locations feature Coca-Cola Freestyle. Hot beverages include Starbucks as the incumbent provider with 105 locations, all which offer Pike Place Roast coffee (regular or decaf) and Tazo tea. Select locations also offer premium drinks such as caffè mocha or caramel macchiato. Tim Hortons is available as a full-service restaurant in five locations,[75] with Brossard being the only location to offer both Tim Hortons and Starbucks.
In most theatres, Cineplex offers sale of alcohol to 19+ guests in Ontario (18+ in Alberta) similar to the VIP theatres albeit from a selection of beer or cider beverages.
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Cineworld to buy Canada's largest movie theatre chain in $2.8B deal (Dec 16, 2019):
Cineplex’s stock had been trading close to the Cineworld offer price of C$34 per share through early 2020, but has since plunged 40% following the virus outbreak.
Cineplex could lose a potential lifeline if its outstanding debt exceeds more than $725 million. As of December 31, 2019, the debt level was $625 million. The debt might balloon past the threshold with a further lockdown extension.
Cineplex shares fall after short seller raises concerns about Cineworld deal (March 5, 2020):
Cineworld Dives After Cineplex Activist Urges Rejection of Deal (March 16, 2020):
Cineplex closes locations, provides Cineworld acquisition update (March 17, 2020):
Cineplex Inc. cuts salaries of full-time employees after part-time layoffs (Mar 23, 2020):
P/T employees laid off in Canada & USA. F/T employees take reduced base salaries & senior executive team takes 80% reduction in pay.
Cineworld halts dividend and says will 'monitor progress' of its buyout of Cineplex (April 7, 2020):
Staggered seating, nostalgic films: Cinemark offers a look at movie going post-coronavirus (Apr 15, 2020):
Cinemark, the third-largest movie theater chain in the U.S., hopes to reopen at least some of its doors to the public in July.
With no major movie release until mid-July, theaters could play “library” movies, which are movies that have already previously been released in cinemas, for several weeks.
If social distancing restrictions are still in place the company said it would either sell every other reserved seat in the theater or suspend reservations and just sell 50% of the tickets per theater.
“Even at peak periods of time in a normal environment, our occupancy levels range from 20% to 30% and we can operate profitably during those scenarios...” - CEO Mark Zoradi
He added that Cinemark has seen attendance as low as 10% and still was able to turn a profit.
North Vancouver's Park & Tilford Cineplex permanently closed (May 20, 2020)
The company closed all 165 theatres across Canada in March due to COVID-19, but the 1,382-seat Brookesbank Avenue location won’t be among those reopening, Cineplex has confirmed.
With Cineplex closing its Lower Lonsdale theatre in 2019, it leaves Park Royal as the only place to catch a big screen flick on the North Shore.
“We thank the community for their patronage over the years, and look forward to welcoming them at neighbouring Cineplex Cinemas Park Royal and VIP,” said Sarah Van Lange, executive director of communications. “I’ll note that our intent is to repurpose the Park & Tilford theatre space, which we’ll have more details on at a later date.”


Why Amazon’s Rumored Buyout of AMC Entertainment Makes Sense (May 12, 2020):
If Amazon can buy AMC, they can most certainly by CGX & dominate & control most of North America's movie theaters. Amazon would then control Hollywood! Why stop there, they should buy Cineworld too.
AMC Entertainment Surges 56% on Report of Talks With Amazon (May 11, 2020):
Alert: Cineplex (TSX:CGX) Could Be Acquired by This Incredibly Unlikely Source (May 12, 2020):
Despite Cineworld maintaining its commitment to buy Cineplex, the market has a different opinion. Remember, Cineplex agreed to be acquired at $34 per share. As I type this, the stock trades at $14.44. There’s no way the spread would be that wide, unless investors were writing off the acquisition completely.
Fortunately for beleaguered Cineplex shareholders, a new suitor could very well come along — one virtually nobody sees coming.
Although I think there’s potential for a private equity group or some other deep-pocketed investor taking a run at Cineplex’s cheap assets, there’s a much more interesting suitor on the horizon.
That acquirer is (NASDAQ: AMZN).
AMC says it will no longer play Universal Studios films (Apr 28, 2020):
“AMC believes that with this proposed action to go to the home and theaters simultaneously, Universal is breaking the business model and dealings between our two companies,” AMC Chief Executive Officer Adam Aron said in a letter addressed to Universal Studios Chairman Donna Langley.
Universal added that the company looked forward to having “additional private conversations” with AMC but was “disappointed by this seemingly coordinated attempt ... to confuse our position and our actions.”
Cineworld joins AMC in banning films from Universal Studios (April 29, 2020):
Cineworld, the world’s second largest cinema chain, has followed its rival AMC in banning Universal Studios films from its cinemas when they reopen, after the Hollywood film-maker released Trolls On Tour direct to streaming platforms.
“There is a certain system of windows which are a custom in the market and this sets the time difference between the theatrical market and other ancillary markets, among them streaming. Any movie that will not respect this window will not be shown in Cineworld group,” Mooky Greidinger, Cineworld’s chief executive, said on Wednesday.
Odeon bans all Universal Pictures films as studio skips cinema releases (Apr 29, 2020):
AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
AMC Theatres (originally an abbreviation for American Multi-Cinema; often referred to simply as AMC and known in some countries as AMC Cinemas or AMC Multi-Cinemas) is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, and is the largest movie theater chain in the world. Founded in 1920, AMC has the largest share of the U.S. theater market ahead of Cineworld and Cinemark Theatres.
Cineworld Group PLC
Cineworld is the world’s second largest cinema chain, with 9,518 screens across 790 sites in 11 countries: the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Israel, Hungary, Czechia, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The group’s primary brands are Regal (in the US), Cineworld and Picturehouse (in the UK & Ireland), Cinema City (throughout Europe) and Yes Planet (in Israel).
And Action! All the Movies We Can't Wait to See in Summer 2020 and Beyond (May 22, 2020):
Fingers crossed that it’ll be safe to step into a theater this summer. If they open, there will be plenty to watch. “Summer hits are the popcorn movies,” says film historian, author and podcast host Leonard Maltin. “They can be the biggest box-office hits of the whole year.”
Rest of 2020:
  • To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar - VIP (Jun 1)
  • Unhinged (Jul 1)
  • Tenet (Jul 17)
  • Mulan (Jul 24)
  • Summerland (Jul 31)
  • Random Acts Of Violence (Jul 31)
  • The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run (Aug 7)
  • Sound of Metal (Aug 14)
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (Aug 14)
  • Fatima (Aug 14)
  • The One And Only Ivan (Aug 14)
  • The New Mutants (Aug 20)
  • Bill & Ted Face the Music (Aug 21)
  • Antebellum (Aug 21)
  • Monster Hunter (Sep 4)
  • A Quiet Place Part II (Sep 4)
  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Sep 11)
  • The King's Man (Sep 18)
  • Candyman (Sep 25)
  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (Oct 2)
  • BIOS (Oct 2)
  • Death On The Nile (Oct 9)
  • The Witches (Oct 9)
  • The French Dispatch (Oct 16)
  • Halloween Kills (Oct 16)
  • Snake Eyes (Oct 23)
  • Lord And Miller Connected (Oct 23)
  • Everybody's Talking About Jamie (Oct 23)
  • Come Play (Oct 30)
  • Black Widow (Nov 6)
  • Clifford The Big Red Dog (Nov 13)
  • Deep Water (Nov 13)
  • Godzilla Vs. Kong (Nov 20)
  • Soul (Nov 20)
  • Happiest Season (Nov 20)
  • James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ (Nov 25)
  • Free Guy (Dec 11)
  • Dune (Dec 18)
  • Untitled Coming To America Sequel (Dec 18)
  • West Side Story (Dec 18)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Dec 23)
  • Untitled Tom & Jerry Film (Dec 23)
  • The Croods 2 (Dec 23)
  • News Of The World (Dec 25)
  • Escape Room 2 (Dec 30)
  • Mortal Kombat (Jan 15)
  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (Jan 15)
  • 355 (Jan 15)
  • Chaos Walking: The Knife of Never Letting Go (Jan 22)
  • Rumble (Jan 29)
  • Cinderella (Feb 5)
  • Nobody (Feb 26)
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Mar 5)
  • Raya And The Last Dragon (Mar 12)
  • Sony/Marvel Morbius (Mar 19)
  • The Boss Baby 2 (Mar 26)
  • Reminiscence (Apr 16)
  • Ron's Gone Wrong (Apr 23)
  • Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (May 7)
  • Spiral: From The Book Of Saw (May 21)
  • Cruella (May 28)
  • F9 Fast & Furious (Apr 2)
  • Bob's Burgers (Apr 9)
  • Infinite (May 28)
  • Space Jam 2 (Jul 16)
  • Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Jul 16)
  • In the Heights (Jun 18)
  • Minions: The Rise Of Gru (Jul 2)
  • All This Victory (Aug 7)
  • The Woman in the Window (TBD 2021)
  • Blithe Spirit (TBD 2021)
  • The Personal History of David Copperfield (TBD 2021)
  • Greyhound (TBD)
& MUCH, MUCH MORE MOVIES than listed coming to the big screens.
THE 65 MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIES OF 2020 (May 20, 2020):
Nothing beats watching a great movie on the big screen in premium format:
  • Prime Seats
  • IMAX
  • UltraAVX
  • D-Box
  • VIP Cinemas
  • 4DX
I'm sick of the congested internet & buffering of online movies & services during Covid19. They need to upgrade the internet infrastructure to 5G & Fiber Optics before it can really grow in my opinion -- especially buffering 4K & 8K movies & future tech that will only require more bandwidth going forward.
Younger people are not afraid of Covid19 like the older crowd. When theaters open, they will rush in to see their favourite movies.
Betting that people won't want to go to movie theaters when they re-open, is like betting the same against live sporting events or music concerts.
No home movie theater can match a real movie theater, even the smaller discount ones, unless you're Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos etc.
With Cineplex's Canadian Monopoly & diversification into other entertainment arenas like eSports & Virtual Reality, as long as they don't go bankrupt & social distancing restrictions are loosened, the stock should increase 2 to 3 times by end of 2021 in my opinion -- especially if the Cineworld Buyout goes as planned or another company like Amazon buys them out for a strong presence & control in Canada.
If a Coronavirus Vaccine is discovered sooner than later, then this stock will rebound accordingly & rapidly -- especially if they don't cancel or even if they do, resume Dividend payments in the future. At current prices, Dividend yield is about 13% per year.
Social distance cinema: drive-in theatres boom – in pictures (May 5, 2020):
We are all social creatures & want to go to movie theater as a social activity, to see & be seen; otherwise, why would Drive In Movie theaters boom during Covid19?
If no one goes out to be seen anymore, then all the Vanity Goods & Services will go under too & we will all dress in sweat pants & T-Shirt -- no need for designer suits & dresses working & staying at home. LOL ;p
Internet Bandwidth Requirements:
Online streaming remains the biggest source of 4K content, led by Netflix and Amazon’s growing selection of original series. But many consumer broadband connections aren’t fast enough to allow reliable 4K streaming.
Home Theater Movie Resolutions:
  • 4K (UHD): 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
  • 1080p (Full HD): 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
  • 720p (HD): 1,280 x 720 pixels
  • 480p (SD): 640 x 480 pixels
  • 8K: 7,680 x 4,320 pixels
For comparison purposes, 70mm film - still considered by many to be the gold standard - is roughly equivalent to a 12K resolution in digital terms, so digital's still got some catching up to do on that score.
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[Tales From the Terran Republic] Crimson

The rest of the series can be found here
Sasha Blake lounged near a Starsprinter, a small fast “courier class” Terran freighter. She tried to at least look calm. A Terran Intelligence operative just standing here with her tits hanging out with the fucking Feds on the way? Not smart.
She took a long slow hit on a vape pen taking in a lungful of bliss, a mild relaxant and euphoric, something she would normally never do on a mission but her nerves were shot. They had slaughtered over a hundred Fed agents not that long ago.
Hell, she had pulled the trigger on a few of them herself. They had to be dying for payback.
Helen had better fucking know what she was doing.
A nondescript pale gray cargo van pulled up and a very nervous looking pol-ka got out. Sasha winced. He was so fucking obvious… and scared. He actually looked worse than she did. It was the opposite of reassuring. There were way too many raw nerves and itchy trigger fingers in one spot for her comfort.
The pol-ka, his crest fully deflated and looking around constantly, spotted her. She raised her hand and brushed her hair over her left ear, the signal. He walked up.
“Excuse me, is this ship the Green Greyhound?” he asked.
“No, it’s the Silver Slipper,” she replied.
“I see,” he replied swallowing back a mouthful of nervous mucus. “I am very sorry for your loss, ma’am.”
“Eh, I never really did like the miserable fuck. Good riddance to bad rubbish,” she replied completing the passphrase.
The pol-ka nodded and returned to the van. He opened the back and guided a floating coffin over to where Sasha was standing.
“Sign here, please,” he said producing a tablet. She scrawled a couple of nonsense words. “So, is this as strange for you as it is for me?” he asked with a little smile.
“Stranger,” she replied returning his smile. “I was half expecting a stun bolt and a neural inductor.”
“And I,” he said still looking about, “am expecting to be gifted with an extra orifice any second. Let’s hope things go back to normal soon. I am much more comfortable stabbing your kind in the shadows.”
“Likewise,” she laughed. “Nice meeting you, peckerhead.”
“Have a good trip, Terran animal,” he replied finally relaxing a little. He, trying not to trot, quickly walked to the van and drove off.
Sasha just shook her head as he drove off. “Can’t believe I’m fucking doing this...” she muttered as she guided the floating coffin into her ship.
Jaxona was standing in Jon’s office swinging back and forth anxiously in her globe while Jon drank a cup of coffee and reviewed some reports.
“Great!” Jaxona said with a happy little swirl. “Just got word that the, um… package… has been delivered!”
“Good,” Jon replied with a smile, “Glad that’s over with. Thanks for not shooting our agent.”
“Oh we would never do that!” Jaxona exclaimed. “We had a deal and everything!”
“Yeah,” Jon chuckled, “And you actually kept it. We have have some scientists just dying to tear into the little present you just gave us.”
“Super!” Jaxona exclaimed. “I hope you guys have better luck than we did cause we didn’t find out a darn thing!”
“No promises,” Jon replied. “We’ve been going over some pretty detailed scans for a little while now. I have to hand it to her. The vampire has really done it this time. I know you have your hopes up because of our reputation but what she has achieved… fuck. It’s years ahead of its time.”
“A Terran monster legend from the days of old, a quite fitting title for our mutual friend.” Jon smiled.
“Oh neat! I will read up on them!” Jaxona exclaimed bouncing up and down happily. “Well, I should probably scoot! Bye!” Jaxona said as she started backing out of his office. “Bye!… Bye!...”
“Bye!” Jon replied smiling despite himself. He liked the little fish. He was, however, disinclined to buy her whole “nice fish” act. You don’t get to be a Kalent Forum anything by being all sweetness and light especially at her age and she was “innocently” wheeling and dealing corpses like it was everyday business. He really wished he could bring Republic Intelligence to bear on that little eel, find out what her deal actually was.
Still, despite more than a few suspicions, he liked her. Didn’t trust her any further than he could throw her bot but he liked her.
Mark Black sat at the yacht club with his wife Shelly.
“You’re staring again,” she said with a smile on her face.
“I can’t help it, you’re beautiful,” he replied. She was. She was just as beautiful as the day he bought her. He was just a young raider back then. Not only did she cost everything he had he had to kill two other people just to keep her.
On the bright side, the killings catapulted him into a leadership position among the Long Shanks. Over the years during both the Sol Wars and the years that followed he built upon that, clawing, biting, and killing his way up the ranks until he finally sat on Grant Shanks right side.
After Mr. Shanks’ untimely demise he was the one who wound up on top. Now, with the fall of the Red Teeth they were poised to become the single most powerful human organization, both legal and illegal, in the Federation.
And he owed it all to her, his muse, his princess. The fight to obtain her and to keep her was what put him where he was today. He took a sip of wine and smiled at her again.
She was just too beautiful.
Shelly smiled back at him fondly. He wasn’t exactly what one would call ravishingly handsome but he certainly wasn’t ugly and what lurked between his ears was rare, a combination of intelligence, ruthlessness, and yet at the same time warmth and love… well for her anyway.
And after all isn’t that what matters?
He took her from a slave pen, starvation, and rape to a safe warm cabin. After she met him she was never hungry (well starving anyway) or afraid again. After the wars, their prospects steadily rose higher and higher as they climbed a blood soaked stairway all the way to the top. What he couldn’t outsmart he simply crushed beneath his feet. He was the perfect man, warm and caring to his family and utterly ruthless to everyone else. Back in the day she ruled the station. Few dared challenge her when all she had to do was snap her fingers and Mark would kill.
She looked down at her hands, the hands of a young woman! This was unbelievable, truly miraculous.
She frowned. She just wished that they didn’t have to make a deal with the literal devil to get it.
“What’s wrong?” Mark asked, “Did they screw up your steak again? If they did...”
“No, it’s fine,” she replied slicing it and holding up a piece for inspection. “Look. Perfect medium-rare.” She took a sip of some truly excellent wine and tried to smile. He wouldn’t buy it. He always saw through her fake smiles.
“Then what is it?”
“I just wish we weren’t in bed with that monster.”
Mark sighed. They have had this conversation before, several times.
“Grant wasn’t much better, darling,” he replied as he sipped some more wine. “Dark days require dark deals, remember?”
“But are they?” Shelly asked. “Are they dark days? We have everything we ever wanted. We’re even legitimate now… mostly…”
“Slowly dying of old age make for some pretty dark days in my book,” Mark chuckled. “It’s nice not hurting every goddamn morning and being able to properly make love to you without throwing out my back is worth another dance with the devil or two. You have to admit it’s nice.”
“Yes, dear, but at what cost?” Shelly asked scratching her arm uncomfortably.
“It’s still itching?” Mark asked with concern.
“A little,” she replied. “The doctor says that it’s a normal reaction to the treatment. According to him it will pass.”
“Great!” Mark replied. “And as far as dealing with her is concerned, she may be evil incarnate but she respects strength. It will work out just fine. You’ll see! We will have everything we ever dreamed of!”
“We already did,” Shelly said in a less than happy voice.
Late that evening Jon was laying awake in bed at the embassy. Skippy had gone back to her home system to handle council business. Christ, he missed her. It was only for a few days but it felt like forever.
He chuckled. He was pining away like some lovesick kid. He pulled out the latest message from her and played the little video she attached for what was probably the hundredth time. It was just her walking through some very normal looking woods doing some foraging and identifying various plants and strange looking animals for him. Nothing tawdry but he just loved watching it. Her toothy grin just lit up the whole room.
It sucked when she was gone but he did enjoy going to the noodle shop without her. The owner was much freer with the disapproving glances when she was gone. He decided that he was going to try to learn their language. There was no way in hell that he could ever speak it but he would just love to know what that ratty hare was muttering under his breath when nobody else was around.
He bet it was funny as hell.
As he was drifting off to sleep the communicator he kept under his pillow issued a series of tones in a particular sequence. It was their code for “incoming”. He reached into a pocket that he had next to his mattress and pulled out his sidearm.
Just as he got himself properly positioned and the pistol properly concealed the door to his room silently opened and a slender figure entered completely without a sound.
“Easy, there,” a familiar voice purred. “I just came to chat.”
Oh shit, Jon thought, Crimson. He was more than a little concerned. He had read her file. She was bad news. If she made a move he wasn’t entirely sure he could stop her. Red-tips only work if you actually hit the target.
“Ok, so talk,” Jon replied standing up no longer bothering to hide his sidearm. His people were on the way. He didn’t have to stall her for long.
“Just wanted a few minutes with the man who denied the queen bitch herself,” Crimson said with a smile as she plopped onto a couch intentionally putting herself in a vulnerable position. “You’re the only one who has, in case you didn’t know.”
“She send you here to give it another try?” Jon asked with a smirk. “Hang on,” he said pulling out his communicator. “Stand down,” he said into it.
“Sir?” Toby’s voice replied.
“We’re good here,” Jon said. “Just hold position for now.”
“Yes, sir.”
Crimson smiled. “Thanks for calling off the death squad.”
“Didn’t feel like getting my bedroom shot to hell for no reason,” Jon replied.
“Returning to our conversation, she didn’t send me,” Crimson replied, “And while I would love to have a taste of what she couldn’t get I’m pretty sure you won’t let me get close enough to try.” she chuckled. “Besides, your heart belongs to another doesn’t it?”
“What?” Jon asked as nonchalantly as he could. He could hear his heart beating in his chest. If they know...
“It’s the only logical conclusion,” Crimson chuckled. “When Patricia visited you the night before you absolutely humiliated her,” she said her eyes gleaming with delight, “she dosed you with a pretty nasty poison.”
“Did she now?” Jon replied calmly.
“Before she entered the room she bit into one of these,” Crimson said putting a small capsule on the coffee table. “The vapors trigger an avalanche of hormones and neurotransmitters in the victim. It causes something akin to the combination of love at first sight, your wedding day, and seeing your newborn child all at the same time but several times more powerful. When she hit you with that and then did something to imprint herself in your mind it should have locked her in as the sole object of your… well your everything. It’s pretty nasty stuff.”
Jon nodded silently. That explained a lot.
“There are only three ways that you could have shaken it,” Crimson said. “The first is that you just happened to have an antidote and even we don’t have a good one. We can only treat the effects. The second way is that you simply have the will of a god.” she chuckled. “Even then it would still be eating you up inside. Unless you are the actor of the century that doesn’t seem to be the case.”
“I did take theater in high school,” Jon snickered.
“The third and only way that I consider remotely possible,” Crimson smiled, “Is that you already had someone you already were bonded to. For a normal person, it wouldn’t be enough. That bond would be overwritten by that snake. However, if the victim has a strong enough will and their feelings for their mate were deep enough it is possible that the poison would drive them into their arms instead of the clutches of our favorite bitch. You have someone we don’t know about, don’t you?”
“That sounds like the plot of a really bad romance novel,” Jon said dismissively as he planned the shot he was about two seconds from taking.
“You left the embassy not long after she dosed you and were gone the entire night,” Crimson said, “We couldn’t follow you because we were being hunted but we do know when you left and when you returned… in a much better mood.”
Jon frowned. That meant they had eyes in the front of the house.
“Ralph Jessup,” Crimson said with a grin. “You are wondering who told us, he’s one of ours now.”
Jon didn’t reply. He just snarled. He had known Jessup for years. She could be lying but he knew deep down she wasn’t.
Crimson pulled out a slip of paper.
“Here is a list of everyone we have turned here in the embassy,” she said as she dropped it on the coffee table alongside the capsule.
“Awfully nice of you,” Jon said narrowing his eyes at Crimson. “Why the gift? I’m pretty sure the vampire wouldn’t be too happy with you if she found out.”
“Short answer,” Crimson replied, “I hate her.”
“And the long answer?”
“I assume you have a file on me?” Crimson asked. “What did it say about how I joined her merry little band of psychopaths?”
“It said that you were a member of a raider gang they hit and that your final stand was so impressive that she recruited you.”
“Heh,” Crimson chuckled darkly, “That’s one way of putting it. Do you know why my last stand was so ‘heroic’?”
“That wasn’t in the file.”
“My epic last stand was in a corridor. There were… people behind me… people very important to me.”
“Oh,” Jon said grimly.
“Yeah, out of ammo, using one of their swords… I was holding my own… Until she walked up. She… toyed with me… I was nothing but a joke to her, Jon. It was like fighting… nothing… a shadow. She just laughed and knocked me down… again and again and again… taunting me… Each time she knocked me down she just laughed and reminded me who was behind me… Told me what they were going to do to them… Over and over and over till I couldn’t get up anymore… Then she… she… just kicked me to the side and walked past me with her men and they… they… I could hear them… the begging… the screams…”
“Christ...” Jon muttered.
Crimson trailed off into silence for a little while.
“Then they came for me. I thought I would be next but no. I was brought in front of her. They had a… a table laid out… She told me that I had proven my worth and that I had a choice. I could sit at the table and live or I could join my friends and family on it… alive… I… I should have spit in her face… or attacked her… but… I wanted to live, Jon. There was nobody left to defend, no lives to protect anymore except my own so I… I ate. I ate my own… God… I just wanted to live, Jon. I should have… well it doesn’t matter now does it?”
“Crimson… I’m sorry...”
“Don’t be. I don’t deserve it. I was a coward… am a coward… Anyway, I had just done the absolute worst thing I could have ever done… it broke me. For a long time I didn’t care anymore. I was a horrible person running with horrible people and doing what I needed to in order to survive. I was in hell and if I was in hell I might as well become one of her demons. She was… is… very good to those who please her so that’s exactly what I did. No matter what she asked, no matter how fucked up, how evil, I did it without hesitation. Wasn’t long before I died inside and it became easy and I was just another of her lieutenants, and later a Bloodlord.”
“So you are saying that you didn’t have a choice?”
“No. I had a choice and I made it,” Crimson replied calmly. “I chose to do whatever I had to to survive and prosper. And it paid off. After the wars we became a business and political organization and I had wealth and power and all the nice things that came with it. For most of the last hundred and fifty years I’ve handled paperwork and less than above board deals. I was a businesswoman, mostly. Aside from the sacrament we were just like any other mega-corporation.”
“The sacrament?” Jon asked dubiously.
“Yeah, her ladyship likes to ‘remind us of our roots’ by having the upper echelon engage in ritual cannibalism on a regular basis. Well, that and she enjoys it.”
“It’s mostly porkies,” Crimson said dismissively. “Well that and people who cross her. Your little mouse hasn’t been brought to the table yet, by the way, but she will. Her ladyship has her sights on that poor little rodent.”
“Dawn?” Jon asked in alarm.
“Yeah, poor kid,” Crimson replied. “She has no idea what she is about to get into. Soon, very soon, she will be given the same option we all had. Sit at the table or be on it.”
Jon took a deep breath and with a little effort kept his composure.
“If anything happens to her...”
“You have much bigger worries than the mouse, my friend,” Crimson replied. “Right now her ladyship has bigger concerns but once the next phase of her plans are underway she will be coming for you and your sweet little girlfriend. She had dreams of adding you to our fold but those dreams have been dashed and you are now a threat not to mention the fact that you humiliated her in front of her men. Too many of us know exactly what happened. We don’t dare speak of it but we know she was defeated. She can’t let that stand. She is also a petty vindictive bitch. You need to be ready and if there is someone that you love here in the capital you need to get them the fuck away, far away.”
“Since you are in a talkative mood,” Jon said sitting down on the edge of his bed, “feel like letting me know what her plans are?”
“Sure,” Crimson said with a smile. “Her endgame goal is complete control of the Republic and to remake it into her vision of what humanity should be. It might come as a surprise that her vision of humanity doesn’t have a lot of humanity in it. She is going to tear the whole Republic down, plunge it into anarchy, just like the good old days.”
“Fuck me,” Jon said quietly.
“Yeah, she wants to bring the Sol Wars back and this time she is planning on winning. Patricia Hu will be the Zeus Corp of the thirty-second century and the Republic will be just a memory if she pulls it off.”
“Easier said than done.”
“True, that’s why she has been planning this for decades, putting the right people in the right positions, stockpiling materials, supplies, food, and weapons, funding research, development, exploration… you name it. Looking back, I believe she has been thinking of this ever since the Sol Wars ended.”
“As much as I want to say this would be impossible I have studied history,” Jon said grimly. “How is she planning on doing this?”
“War,” Crimson replied. “She is going to cause total war with the Federation. Originally it was supposed to be a war with the Empire but after the Great War she altered her plans. After our last little dance the Federation isn’t going to fuck around. They will mass their entire fleet and their entire army and they will won’t be trying to ‘liberate’ or subdue us. They will be coming to destroy us. Their fear of us will turn them into exactly the tool that she wants them to be.”
“Even then,” Jon said, “even if they send their entire fleet it will just be one big shooting gallery. Our system defenses and our navy-”
“Will be compromised,” Crimson said. “She has people everywhere. Our defense stations and our ships will be sabotaged. Ideally it will be civilians and just enough military left to put up a valiant, doomed, resistance.”
“How?” Jon asked his blood running cold. At any other time he would laugh something this ridiculous off but considering the source it sounded entirely too possible.
“I’m not involved in that part of the planning,” Crimson replied. “From what I’ve gathered it is going to be a combination of good old fashioned bombs, even the Retribution can’t survive if one of it’s nukes goes off inside, and malware that will knock out the controls of the numerous smaller craft like the shrikes or cause a premature detonation of ordinance. Pretty much the entire navy will go down. Then, it will just be the civilians and whatever few naval vessels that can slip the noose. It will still be one hell of a fight but we will tragically and heroically lose that first decisive battle. It will then be revealed that ‘traitors’ inside the Republic’s own government were responsible and a coup under the guise of eliminating those ‘traitors’ will take place. The coup will be intentionally very messy and result in the engineered collapse of the entire Republic. From the fires, death, and chaos a new leader will rise. People will be afraid, enraged, grief-stricken… hungry… They will be screaming for revenge and who better than the Horde Mother of old to offer them exactly what they will want, fire, blood, and death. She never trusted peace. She never trusted the Republic. She never trusted any other race except Republic humans, just like anyone with any sense should. She will have supplies, ships, weapons, medicine, everything the Terrans will need. She will be their salvation.”
“But what about the Federation?” Jon asked.
“Even if they win and win big at first do you honestly think they can hold Terran space? If the Juon Empire at its worst couldn’t take Sol what chance does the Federation have? New forces will be raised and new ships built at the Grand Shipyards all under the ‘immortals’ that have taken power in the chaos. They will then put her in charge and under her leadership the Federation will be driven off. Then, with the Terrans bloodied and screaming for payback the war will be taken to the Federation and it won’t stop. The more bloody and costly the better, at least at first.”
“She can’t possibly think she can destroy the entire Federation,” Jon said quietly.
“Never underestimate the Terran people, Jon,” Crimson said with a grim smile. “With the Grand Shipyards untouched, the rapidly recovering economy completely mobilized, and the entire remaining population as potential warriors we can field an amazing force in a very short time and we can keep pumping out the next generations of cannon fodder as we go. If raised to fight from birth you can field a warrior at a very young age especially if they are flying a fighter or crewing a warship. Child soldiers are unthinkable now but when the survival of the ‘real’ human race is a stake? Of course that also involves indoctrination from birth doesn’t it? In a few short decades mankind as you know it will no longer exist, replaced by a species where their very humanity has been replaced by ‘resolve’. The genocidal rise of the Terran Empire will begin. She has a flag and everything.”
“She’s insane.”
“You just figuring that out?,” Crimson laughed. “She's bugshit crazy but it doesn’t mean it won’t work. The details are chilling.” She reached into a pocket and pulled out a data crystal and set it on the coffee table next to the slip of paper and capsule of love poison. “I wrote down everything I know about it on there including lists of all known conspirators.” She smiled sadly. “Unfortunately I don’t have a complete list of those in the Republic. Aside from her ladyship only Monarch and Marrow knows all of them. I do, however, have a complete list of those in the Federation and that will be very important very soon.”
“I’m afraid to ask.”
“To answer that we have to ask another question,” Crimson said with a grim smile. “You’ve never asked how she is so sure that her people will do exactly what she tells them to do and will hand over power to her without any issues.”
“I was wondering about that.”
“There is an old saying, ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.’ Her fountain of youth is a perfect example,” Crimson said with a dark chuckle. “Let’s just say that if I had an option I wouldn’t have taken advantage of it.”
“It isn’t a cure for old age, it’s a treatment,” Crimson said with a smile. “And once you start that treatment you really really don’t want to stop. You stop the treatment, you die… badly. Your cells start to mutate and die and you go from young and beautiful to necrotic and cancerous. They don’t realize it yet but every single person who has taken her up on her wonderful generous gift is now completely dependent upon her for the rest of their lives. She is, of course, in complete control of the formula. She isn’t happy with you, you get cut off and die. She dies or becomes imprisoned, everyone dies. Of course she also offered the treatments to their spouses and other family members as well.”
“How did she manage to pull that off?”
“The formula is in several parts all of which are encrypted. Only she has the codes. Each of her labs has no idea what they are making and someone as fanatical as Marrow himself is present during the entire synthesis. The doctors know how to assemble the retroviruses and other components and administer the treatment but they are just following a recipe and scanning is not the best idea because once again, one of her mindless zealots is standing right there. The actual researchers are sequestered at a very secure site and sorry, I don’t know where it is. From what I understand it’s quite lovely but they are never leaving. You would have to ask Marrow or maybe Monarch but I don’t think they will be very forthcoming. Besides, the researchers are still very very busy for a very good reason.”
“Do tell.”
“It may not surprise you but we are very big on innovation but not quite so big on ethics,” Crimson said with a wry smile.
“Shocker,” Jon replied calmly as he tried to process everything he was hearing.
“You know all those pesky regulations when it comes to human trials? Yeah, we skipped those,” Crimson chuckled. “Funny thing about all of those guidelines and regulations. They do slow you down, a lot, but they also enforce good research, good science. They keep you from cutting corners.” Crimson grinned with genuine pleasure. “In this case, maybe cutting all those corners wasn’t the best idea.”
“Are you saying what I think you are saying?”
“Yep, this wonderful magical fountain of youth?” Crimson laughed, “It’s flawed. We’re all dying... slowly... but dying just the same.”
“No shit?” Jon asked happily.
“No shit,” Crimson chuckled. “The treatments still work but we are having to slowly but surely increase the frequency of them to prevent degradation. What was supposed to be a yearly treatment became every ten months, then eight… It’s still a little less than eight months but we are doing them twice a year now. The increased frequency seems to slow down the underlying issue but it’s not stopping it. We are young and pretty but our lifespans definitely have not gone up, quite the contrary actually. We probably only have a few years to fix this, if it can be fixed, and our research team has, despite very strong encouragement, not made much progress.”
“And she’s still planning on this whole Terran Empire bullshit?”
“Not until she fixes the treatment,” Crimson smiled grimly. “That’s where the porkies come in.”
“What do the porkies have to do with this?”
“Do you honestly think Patricia fucking Hu would ever work with the porkies?” Crimson laughed. “She hates them more than any person that I know. Seriously, take the worst hate-monger you have ever heard and multiply it by a hundred. I think it’s why we were so fucked up back in the day. She just hated them that bad. And speaking of fucked up, what she has done to them this time is one of the worst things she has ever done to our little curly-tailed friends.”
“I take it that their ‘treatments’ have a little less treat in them?” Jon asked dreading the answer.
“You got it. Our favorite psychopath decided that what this little problem required was a larger sample size. The treatment that they have received is rapidly degrading, designed to last just long enough to look good before it turns to shit.”
“That’s a lot of trouble to go to for just a few more lab rats,” Jon replied.
“Not just a few more lab rats,” Crimson said grimly. “There is another difference between our treatment and theirs. Our treatment relies heavily on retroviruses. Their treatment, however, has a true viral stage.”
“Oh fuck me...”
“Yep. It is becoming very very contagious, like bio-weapon contagious. It will spread like wildfire targeting the people in closest proximity first, namely the other movers and shakers. In one fell swoop she will start to wipe out the porkies from the top down. From country clubs to boardrooms they will all start to sicken and die horribly as the effects of end stage degradation sets in immediately. Both the rapid spread and the status of the first victims will immediately have researchers across the Federation, both human and non human on the case within days. Fearing its spread the Republic and the Empire will undoubtedly follow suit. Instead of one research team working on her little problem she will have the entire galaxy. Think of it as enforced crowdsourcing. We may even get lucky and someone will wind up to be immune to the effects.”
“If she wants a war that will do it,” Jon said grimly.
“Way ahead of you,” Crimson chuckled. “A manifesto from an as yet unknown porkie terrorist group is about to be released calling it retribution for the rich corrupt “porkie slime” starting the war that destroyed their homes and killed their loved ones. They will of course be found only to discover all of them dead from the same killer virus. Their research logs will indicate that the virus was not intended to be easily transmittable. Quite the contrary in fact. It will look like they screwed up big time and that the porkies unleashed the plague on themselves,” Crimson said with a dark laugh. “We can’t have civilization ending just yet. We need them to fix our fuck up first. When they come up with a cure for the bio-weapon we will be able to use that to either completely fix or at least treat our degradation problem. At the very least we get centuries of extra man hours worth of research. As a plus she gets to kill a shitload of porkies.”
“I would shoot her myself but I have to figure out a way to fix this,” Jon muttered.
“You don’t think it hasn’t been tried?” Crimson laughed. “She’s… inhuman. It’s like she can smell the bullets and now that this ball is in play she is going to be well protected by some very good people.”
“You mean people like you?”
“You think I’m walking back there after this little visit?” Crimson laughed. “I’m walking right out the front door and then I’m going to run and never look back. The degradation can claim me. I deserve it. I’m done with this, all of this. I… I just can’t… not anymore… Not again… I can’t… I won’t.”
“Why?” Jon asked, “Why now?”
“Because you have given me hope,” Crimson replied. “When you overcame the poison, overcame her, it showed that you are stronger than she ever will be. I’ve never seen that before. Nobody has ever been stronger than she is. I didn’t think anyone could stop her, ever, but you… You just might. I have long thought that I was only ever going to get one shot at bringing her down. I’ve just taken it.” Crimson pointed her finger towards the back of the embassy and said, “Bang.”
Jon looked into her exhausted eyes and nodded.
“I will stop her,” Jon said evenly, “Nobody fucks with my Republic, nobody. Hey, instead of turning tail and running how about actually standing up to that bitch? We could use you. You know more about her organization than anyone. While you are waiting to die why not take a few more shots at them?”
“You would actually trust me?” Crimson asked hopefully.
“Fuck no!” Jon laughed. “I’m envisioning a safe house with a nice heavy locking door and some really nice Terrans who are very skilled at getting the truth out of people.”
Crimson just laughed… then cried… and then just nodded.
“Right,” Jon said, “Keep your ass right on that couch.” He picked up his communicator.
“I need the security van and an armed escort team, our people. Tell them to be ready to play.”
“Yes, sir.”
Once the hallways had been cleared and secured and Crimson handcuffed and led away Jon walked to his office with all of the items Crimson left behind. He brewed himself a cup of coffee and paged through the contents of the data crystal that Crimson gave him.
This could work. God help us. This could actually work, he thought in horror then after a moment he smiled wickedly. All he had to do was fuck things up. He was good at fucking things up.
Speaking of fucking things up… Command decision time!
He picked up his communicator and dialed a number.
“Wha?… ” a very sleepy kalent voice answered.
“Having a good evening?” Jon asked.
“I… I...” Jaxona said really groggily.
“Well wake up, I’m about to ruin it. We need to meet. Now.”
“It had better be fucking important, cockbite.” she growled in a very odd yet strangely familiar tone of voice.
“What the fuck?!?!”
“Wha?… Sorry… still waking up… Sorry! Forgive me! I didn’t mean it! I was just...”
“No problem,” Jon said as a grin slowly started to spread across is face. “Are you awake, now?”
“Yeah! Sorry! What do you need? Sorry!” Jaxona exclaimed in a nervous squeaky voice.
“I need to meet with you, both of you, right fucking now!”
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How to Take Advantage of the Mobilewins Free Bet

How to Take Advantage of the Mobilewins Free Bet
Online bookmakers incite new members with welcoming bonuses and claiming them is a very easy process. If you haven’t discovered online betting by now, you will certainly feel more encouraged to do it when you receive special offers and access to a variety of markets, favorable odds, statistics and predictions. There are various platforms out there and they claim to offer amazing features. Mobilewins free bet and Boylesports free bet are good examples of what you can access.

What is Mobilewins Free Bet

Choosing the right free bet is not easy, because there are so many possibilities out there and punters simply care about the value, but not all of them read terms and conditions and what it takes to claim it. Quantity should not be the main decisive factor, because if you can’t get your hands on the bonus, then it is all pointless. Mobilewins free bet is straightforward and it implies making a deposit of £10 minimum and receive the same amount in free bets. It has to be used within 7 days, otherwise it will expire.
The UK online sportsbook provides access to multiple casino games, slots, and more. However, the platform specializes in betting and sports as well, offering fixed bets on markets such as horse racing, greyhounds, soccer, TV, politics, e-sports, and more. It has something for everyone and it is less likely not to find something to meet your preferences. The welcoming bonus is perfect to get punters up and running, offering a higher value for them to test their predictions and luck. You can claim the bonus and use it for an upcoming sporting event or on what is available at that moment.

Why Claim Boylesports Free Bet
The Boylesports free bet is quite substantial and claiming it is a breeze. Nothing is complicated when it comes to creating an account and you should be willing to provide contact information and some personal data. The bonus is offered to new members that make a deposit of £10 and place bets at odds of ½ or greater. Initially, they will receive £5, but this offer is provided up to 4 times, meaning a total of £25 in the end. After making the initial bet, it takes about one hour to see the amount in your account.
The bonus expires within 7 days, so it is a good idea to make use of it as soon as you obtain it and not let the opportunity pass. Certain deposit methods do not apply for the bonus, including Neteller, prepaid cards, and Skrill. Taking advantage of this promotion is encouraged, being a great way to know more about the bookmaker, if you like the experience on the website, the markets, odds, and more. Of course, there are ongoing promotions as well, as existing members are not left behind.
Many people appreciate the effort of bookmakers to offer bonuses and promotions, in order to attract as many members as possible. The Mobilewins free bet is very tempting and there are various offers released from time to time, especially during the holiday period. If you are a casino enthusiast and want to try the experience along with betting, the platform has a casino section. This way, you can obtain the best from two worlds, on the same platform and using the same account. It is more convenient and you can access the mobile application to bet and gamble on the go.
Aside from the Mobilewins free bet, there are other considerations to take into account when selecting a betting site. Its layout and design matters, the level and availability of customer support, markets covered, odds, if statistics and relevant data are provided, and such. How fast can you withdraw money? This is also important, because many complain on certain platforms that they are unable to get their cash out and they have to wait too long, days and weeks even. This is quite frustrating and it is not worth the effort, because online betting has to be enjoyable and convenient.
Punters need to pay attention to the time and money they invest in online betting, because they should get the most out of them and this is possible when you choose the right platform. It is not complicated and you can go through the process on your own or trust a website that reveals the top choices for online betting and casinos. They do the research on your behalf, present bonuses, deposit methods, reviews, mention if they are licensed and if customer support is provided at all times. Also, they explain how to obtain the Mobilewins free bet and point out terms and conditions.
The same principle applies to Boylesports free bet, because it is crucial to know what to expect once you commit to a platform. The website also has a mobile application, so feel free to install it on your mobile device and bet from any location. You can take advantage of live stream and watch your favorite horse racing and Greyhound races while they take place.
Boylesports free bet can be used on any sport available on the website, as long as betting odds are respected. You can find some standard sports on the site, such as American football and soccer, but also some distinctive ones, such as snooker and rowing. What is certain is that you will not get bored very soon and you will certainly keep your mind busy with all the games and events taking place at all times. Certainly there is something happening across the world and you can be there, in the middle of the action.
It is worth benefiting from Boylesports free bet from all points of view, especially since the platform is safe to use. Every punter needs to pay attention to where they bet and gamble online, as unreliable sources have to be eliminated from the beginning. The good news is that certain sources rank top sites and point out the ones worth knowing and testing.
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How to Get Your Hands on Mobilewins Free Bet

How to Get Your Hands on Mobilewins Free Bet
Online betting has become quite an experience for punters and it is no wonder why. There are so many features and functionalities to benefit from, not to mention the convenience and flexibility. Many platforms offer great support, are licensed and have welcoming bonuses to attract more members. Mobilewins free bet and Boylesports free bet are just some of the examples and these websites are worth your time. You can easily try out both sites or read along to decide upon one.

What Is the Mobilewins Free Bet

Betting platforms have welcoming bonuses to invite users online, convince them to make a deposit, place bets and enjoy the Mobilewins free bet. It is not that easy to decide upon a platform, because not only the bonus matters, but other factors, such as deposit and withdrawal methods, customer support, the interface and how user-friendly the website is, and more. If users look only at numbers, at one point they might end up disappointed with the decision, because quantity is not the decisive factor.
Not many bookmakers understand the concept and want to make a difference, they care about the number of members and their deposits, but in order to achieve this, they have to put an effort into their platforms. Some welcoming bonuses stand out and they impact the gaming experience after all. It is essential to discover the right ones and the ones suitable for your needs. For instance, if you like to bet on sports, you need to find a dedicated bookmaker that offers access to plenty events, from across the world. On the other hand, if you like casino games as well, some platforms manage to integrate these games for a complete experience.

Why Get the Boylesports Free Bet
There are many reasons to get your hands on the Boylesports free bet . It is considerable and you can obtain it quite easily. First of all, you have to sign up and open an account. You will need an email address and an accepted deposit method. Afterwards, deposit a minimum amount of £10 and you can get up to £25 in free bets. The bets have to be placed within 30 days from when you opened the account, so you can redeem the bonus. The offer is limited to UK and Ireland residents. Before making a deposit, it is recommended to know all terms and conditions, to avoid any misunderstandings.
Even after you use the bonus, there are many reasons to stay a member and bet further, because there are additional offers. If you stay tuned on the website, you will discover promotions periodically and this is another reason to bet online. You can easily find specials for horse racing and football. Boylesports is one of the most renowned names in bookmaking in Ireland and punters benefit from great support and offers on horse racing. It all depends on what you are into and what you prefer to bet on.
Since there are many options out there, why not find the right one for you. Another popular offer is the Mobilewins free bet and people have many reasons to know about it. New users have to sign up, deposit £20 and get the £10 welcoming bonus. To take advantage of it, one condition is to stake on odds of ½. You can use it within 7 days from when it is credited and to make a withdrawal afterwards, it has to be wagered 10 times. You can also obtain the £20 casino bonus if you enter their promotional code. The main purpose is to test the platform’s features and see what it has to offer.
Many want to know if they can combine the Mobilewins free bet with other offers, but it is not always possible. However, you can combine the offer with certain tools, in order to spice up the game. It all depends on what is available at that time and what the bookmaker offers. When you have some extra money in your account, it improves the betting experience. This is because you will not be stressed about financial repercussions, but you will focus on the actual betting and rediscover for exciting it is.
You can bet on your own or convince your friends to obtain the Mobilewins free bet and enjoy the experience together. There are many possibilities and it is more exciting to do it with others. Perhaps you want to place a fast bet or spend some time on the website, watch live streaming, and regardless of what you are in the mood for, you will find it on the site. You have so many sources at your disposal and you simply need to decide which one fits your desires the most.
With Boylesports free bet you have the chance to explore this platform and make the most of it. You can live stream races, such as horse and greyhound racing. Also, you can download and install their mobile application, so you have access to the betting experience at all times, even on the go. You can rest assured their customer service is available 24/7 and at any point, you can get in touch. Someone will respond and resolve any issues you encounter.
Another reason to take advantage from Boylesports free bet is because of their excellent odds. They have a wide range of sports available, including poker, casino, bingo, lottery, and many others. The platform is proficient and no wonder it has developed so well along the years, becoming a leader in the industry. Many appreciate the fact they can bet online and are not restricted to going to a land-based bookkeeper.
When you register on the website to obtain the Boylesports free bet, you can choose the way betting odds are displayed, the currency for odds and a deposit limit, in case you want one. You choose when you make a deposit, based on the desired method. However, if you want to obtain the welcoming bonus, you have to do it within the limited time.
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Sports Betting with Unibet and Betfair

Sports Betting with Unibet and Betfair
The online world offers a wide range of opportunities for entertainment as well as financial gains. Betting on sports is very common and there are hundreds of solutions that can offer the same opportunity. It is important to use the right criteria to set the best apart from the rest. The web is going to offer a wide range of sources for information so you can make the right decision from the start. Unibet and Betfair are two of the most popular sites people turn to for sport betting. This is where you will find a number of details why these should be your top choices as well.

Details About Unibet

One of the first things most players focus on when it comes choosing the right sport betting site is the bonus they get when they sign up. Most sites try to attract new players with bonuses as well as other perks and Unibet is also one of them. This is where players find a wide range of betting options and they will guarantee that the first experience will be successful. No matter what games will be put on the first ticket, they will make sure the experience of the players will be positive.
There are a few terms for this. First players must make a deposit and place a bet of £40 to qualify for this. The games that will be included in the bet must have odds of at least 2/5 or 1.40. If the bet is a winner, the entire amount will be added to the balance of the account. If the bet is lost, Unibet will offer a free bet of the same amount as the stake, but no more than £40. Therefore, the first bet does not imply any risks for the players and it comes with an extra £10 casino bonus.
There are quite a few other aspects to consider when players focus on Unibet as their main source for betting on sports. The perks they offer extend far beyond the sign up bonus offer. Here are a few other benefits you can make the most of with this site: 1. The mobile app – this is a solution to take the betting experience on the go. They offer access to the same features as on the desktop account, including live streaming 2. Weekly bonuses – live betting offers many opportunities and thrills, but on top of that this will also grant access to a weekly bonus of £10. Terms and conditions apply 3. Best odds guarantee – they make sure their players are not exposed to any risks even if odds are lowered after they place their bets 4. Free roll tournaments – placing a sport bet between Tuesday and Thursday will offer a ticket to enroll in poker tournaments with a £500 prize fund. It will introduce players to the world of casino games and it can lead to significant winnings as well 5. Other perks include solutions to boost winnings or to reduce the risks of sport bets

Betfair Bonuses and Perks
Sport betting sites are looking for active players who are willing to invest in this activity and also engage in it constantly. The more implicated they are, the more rewards they are able to win in the end. One of the best examples in this direction comes from Betfair . This is a site that is going to offer quite a few bonuses as part of the sports betting activity. There are a few terms that must be met to qualify for this, but serious players will be more than satisfied about their solutions.
The first aspect to consider is that bets must be placed of a total of £250, but not the entire sum at once. Single bets of £10 on games with odds of at least ½ or 1.50 qualify for the bonus. Players must place 5 such bets and once they are settled their account will be credited with a £20 free bet. If the process is repeated 5 times, the entire bonus will rise up to £100, but players must place 25 bets of £10 to make the most of it. This should not be a problem for the active sports betters.
Apart from the betting activity of the players, Betfair also rewards those who put in the time and the effort to attract others to this site. A referral program is going to reward people who refer their friends. Every time a new account is created with the referral code, a £10 free bet is added to the account. This is valid only for the first 5 referrals, but players can get up to £50 in free bets that can be used in any way they see fit. There are quite a few other perks that can be added to the list.
Betfair also offers a mobile app to engage in this activity in any place around the world. On top of that they guarantee the best odds for the Premier League and Champions League games. They offer live streaming as well as the best odds for horse races and greyhound races. Players who are interested in all the other benefits provided by one of the leading sport betting sites in the UK must take the time to visit it first or read reviews they can find on third party sources as well.
There are quite a few criteria that can be used when looking for a sport betting site and each of them can take players one step closer to their target. Use the web to find all the needed details about Unibet, Betfair or any other source that can be used to bet on sports. Learn as much as you can about the benefits they offer and the terms that must be met in the process. The more players learn about sites they can sign up with, the surer they can be about the quality of the experience they will enjoy as well as the winning options they have at hand.
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Chicago GO Fest Travel Tips

Here are some tips that trainers that went to GO Fest last year and trainers going this year have suggested if you're attending Chicago GO Fest this year:
The following tip is from immewnity

"Traveling to Chicago

Getting around Chicago

How to prep


Since I live downtown, I can't help much for specific recommendations of hotels, but there are definitely a lot to choose from. For hotels within walking distance, there are a bazillion on Michigan Ave - north of Grant Park will likely be more expensive than ones directly west or just south of Grant Park, but the higher concentration of hotels there means greater availability north of the river.
There are also a lot of hotels near the airports (more near O'Hare), so those are options as well."

A/N: The tips listed here have been obtained from the Pokemon GO Summer Tour / Silph Road Meetups! Discord Server and this Reddit Thread. This list will be regularly updated as I receive more tips. Feel free to comment below with some tips too and I'll add them to this list.
FYI, if you would like an invite for that server, just ask :)
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4 Sucreabeille Reviews: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactia - Dwight, You Ignorant Sl** - That's What She Said - Serpent's Brew

4 Sucreabeille Reviews: Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactia - Dwight, You Ignorant Sl** - That's What She Said - Serpent's Brew
Hey all! I'm at this point sitting on uh... quite a few Sucreabeille scents so I figure it's time to start posting reviews on them. This week I'm starting with the three Dunder Mifflin/The Office scents I have and Serpent's Brew (which is getting retired super soon! Get it while it's snakey!).
The specific scents in this review are:

It looks like The Office scents are mean girls picking on Serpent's Brew


All perfumes in this review were allowed to rest for several days after arrival. The perfumes were kept in the dark in a plastic box. I did crack them open to sniff them directly after arrival, and with a couple to do an initial test. The reviews are not based off of these initial impressions - though if a rest did change the smell I’ll note that.
I’m doing a half-hour skin test with each perfume. They are always applied to skin that has either been washed or hasn’t had perfume on it that day. Sometimes I will run one scent on one wrist/hand/arm and the other on the other wrist/hand/arm. When I do wash my skin I wash with a scented soap (it’s all I have available - shea butter Dove soap or almond Doc Bronners). Before doing test periods I often wear or play with other scents in my collection (that I wash off), so theoretically there could be cross-contamination.
Each sample was gently swirled before application. Each review is written without looking at the notes (in that moment… I obviously looked at them when I bought). At the end of the review I will list what the notes listed in the shop are and comment on how I think they interacted.

Bottle Review

The bottles for the scents discussed in this review are all dram bottles. The caps fit snugly and evenly and are easy to remove. The bottles are amber - which is nice - because it helps prevent sun damage if I have the perfumes out on a shelf or if I go through them slowly. The bottles have paper labels and... Suc, here is where we need to talk. I know you're switching to oil resistant labels (these are not from that vintage, obviously) and I sincerely hope those are more ding resistant. But the main thing I want to talk about is the label designs.
Suc, your label designs are creative. A lot of them are a lot of fun. But they are neither consistent nor particularly legible especially at small sizes. In this review I will keep it to the labels of the scents in the review. On The Office Scents? The choice of font is thin and hard to read against the black of the label. I get that the 'typewriter' is chosen as a reference to The Office but for me I'd rather have clear, easy to read labels instead of visual references. With Serpent's Brew? I get that the label is designed to evoke the Snake Oil Salesmens' panaceas of days of yore. However the label - especially on something as small as a dram - is cluttered, hard to read, and TBH kind of unprofessional looking. More consistent fonts used across products, using fonts designed for labeling (in terms of being easily readable, pleasing to the eye, professional looking) and fewer references on the labels themselves (save those for advertising pics!) I think would do Suc's labels a world of good!
On to the perfume reviews!
A reminder: Each nose is different and each skin’s chemistry is different. Your mileage may vary.

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

In the bottle: Fizzy, lemony dark musk and honey.
Wet on my skin: Dark, kinda spicy musk, a citrus-y lemony scent, touch of fizz and thick dark honey. The most prominent parts are the musk and honey with the musk starting to move back quickly. The lemony scent is a bit cleaner-ish. There’s a little edge of the fizziness and something almost metallic.
Drydown: Definitely kind of metallic now - dry and kinda salty. Doesn’t smell much like fizz now. Sweet honey, background of dark musk. Little bit of the lemony smell but I wonder if that’s morphed into the metallic? Or at least partially? idk.
After 30 mins: Salt, metallic, honey, touch of dark musk. Tiniest hint of a floral (melding with the honey). Not really ‘fizzy’ smelling.
Notes on the site: musk of a black bear; fresh peach blossom; honeycomb; bubbles on a fresh glass of sparkling water
The black musk is the ‘bear’ musk. The floral is the peach blossom. The honey is the honeycomb. I have no idea where the salt is coming from but this has a definite salt note. The fizz was the sparkling water… I have no idea what morphed metallic, either the sparkling note or part of the peach blossom (which I assume is an accord?).
Verdict: Swap. Not my thing - that metallic note bothers me.

Dwight, You Ignorant Sl**!

In the bottle: Fruity candy or a fancy mixed drink (I remember this having lemon and yuzu in it). Bit of spearmint. When I caught the mint it initially reminded me of toothpaste - kind of medicinal.
Wet on my skin: Yuzu - I remember this note from Serpent’s Brew - is very forward. Edge of lemons. The lemons are not floor-cleaner-y. The mint is at the edges. I get it if I huff deeply. This kinda reminds me of another scent from Suc I’ve tried - Wanted. I remember that one having pineapple… does this one have pineapple?
Drydown: Fruity mixed drink (sans alcohol)! Yuzu, lemon, and mayybe pineapple as I guessed before. The mint is at the edges but I am not feeling it. It’s like a mixed drink with toothpaste on the rim. I’d love a less spearminty mint in this - or if there was something to balance out the mint and the sweetness of the fruit. Like something dry and boozy, or resinous.
After 30 mins: Sweet, nondescript fruitiness. Still getting that edge of mint. It’s still there but faded and blended. It’s largely non-offensive but it’s not exciting me either.
Notes on the site: a glass of homemade lemonade; peppermint; a freshly picked yuzu; pomegranate
Well, I got the yuzu (at least initially) and the lemonade. I must have been reading the pomegranate as pineapple. This doesn’t smell like a peppermint to me - it smells like toothpaste-mint (which is typically spearmint I believe). So, yeah, notes are all there. If you’re really into the alcohol-free-cocktail scent this is probably gonna be a winner for you.
Note: In this review I used the name of the perfume as it's listed on the site and bottle - but for the purposes of anyone searching using the non censored version: Dwight, You Ignorant Slut! would be the non censored version. :P Now it ought to show up in searches when people type it like that lol).
Verdict: Swap. I wish there was more complexity and that that mint was different. It’s not a stinky scent or anything it just doesn’t make my proverbial skirt fly up. (However both my greyhound and my cat were interested in this and my cat licked my arm where it is - so the mint in it had to have reminded him of catnip).

That’s What She Said

In the bottle: Fair warning I recall this one having pretzel toppings, aftershave, and rum as listed notes. Anywho on to the sniffs. This one in the bottle smells slightly masculine of center featuring pretzels, rum, and a spicy aftershave lol. Maybe a touch of chocolate and coconut in there. It’s kind of a strange blend at first to my nose - the contrast of the masculine toiletry scents and rum with the straight gourmand of the pretzels.
Wet on my skin: Boozy but not in a way that makes me feel like I smell like a lush. It’s a very dry boozy scent. Spiced aftershave which is a touch astringent. Pretzels - like, a super realistic pretzel smell like you have a bowl of little crunchy salty pretzels in front of you. Sweet edges that might be chocolate and coconut.
Drydown: There’s definitely a delicate chocolate note. And as I meditate on this I recall a ‘cocoa absoulut’ note being mentioned. I can see that as part of the booziness because the dry booziness does not read as straight rum. Anyway, the booze, spicy aftershave, and gourmand parts are all blending (yep, the pretzels are still there) in a wonderfully sexy way. It’s kind of weird to be like ‘Ah yes, a sexy pretzel scent’ but here we are.
After 30 mins: Very similar to the drydown - perhaps more blended.
Notes on the site: A glass of whisky paired with a glass of bay rum aftershave with just a hint of lime squeezed in; the best Pretzel Day toppings: chocolate chips and toffee nuts. And cocoa absolut
Okay several things: First, the reason the rum wasn’t a strong smell is it’s part of the aftershave. WELP. I can see the tiny hint of lime when it’s named but we’re talking small here. Eetsy beetsy. The cocoa from the absolut and the chocolate chips - I have no idea how you’d separate them but there is a subtle chocolate note (more creamy than anything). There is no explicitly listed pretzel note but I’m betting what is described as ‘toffee nuts’ is what I’m reading as pretzels and y’all it smells more like pretzels than toffee (and, hell, I might be misinterpreting Suc’s creative note list and maybe there is an intentional pretzel note, in which case the toffee is just a slight edge that adds a touch of sweetness).
Verdict: Keeping my dram and upsizing when I run through it (Spoiler: I like this one so much I already bought a 10ml of it). I really enjoy this one!

Serpent’s Brew

In the bottle: Bamboo, a green melon-y smelling fruit (I think this has yuzu?), something almost over-ripe in a kinda musky way.
Wet on my skin: Bamboo (earthy-woody-grassy) as the center. Edges of the fruit, touch of a floral - smells white. Maybe an ylang? It’s a little astringent and clean smelling over the over-ripe smell.
Drydown: Holy crap this transformed from a scent I found actively stinky to one that I’m going all heart eyes over. The floral has come forward and it’s a freakin perfect white floral. Slightly lemony, not too clean, sweet and beguiling. The bamboo has moved to the base and the muskiness has dialed way back. The fruit mingles with the floral enhancing it and adding a green vibe. The entire scent is a beautiful green scent without going too far into headache fresh-cut-grass territory for me. If I sniff deeply really close to the skin there’s a little twinge of headache but I’m torn because this smells so good I find myself not caring.
After 30 mins: Still really beautiful but wearing a little fainter. Maybe a touch of spiciness in there. Even less headache-territory for me.
Notes on the site: fresh bamboo, sweet yuzu, an old, dusty library, exotic spices from Zanzibar, smoky nag champa, ylang ylang.
Okay so the bamboo is the bamboo. I think the Stinky Musk Smell must have been the nag champa (sometimes it can smell like a really feral animal musk - as my sibling points out)... but during the dry down it dials waaayy back to basically an edge note that compliments the bamboo. I suppose there could be an antique paper note in here, but if there is it’s blending with the bamboo. I get a touch of spice from the ‘exotic spices’. But the real star here is that ylang ylang and the yuzu. Gosh DANG is that fruity floral combination good. You get the lemoniness of the ylang ylang sweetened (but not sugar level sweetened) by the yuzu. Really fantastic.
Verdict: I’m super glad I got a dram of this before it went into retirement… and super glad I let it go through the drydown because in the bottle and wet this was not a scent I was impressed by. But the morphing on this - at least on me - is just exquisite. It's so good I went ahead and bought a back-up dram... I'm sure even in retirement this one will make an occasional reappearance because it's too good to be permanently sealed up in a vault.
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Brigaders brigading the brigaders, who should ALL be tagged, and how the Nazis infiltrate all the things. r/Bestof is NOT having a certain documentary get posted and upvoted on r/documentaries. Who's brigading who? What is propaganda? Why reddit is ruined and who does it, really...

There are two suitcases here, chock full of bullshit, and one smaller valise and I have to unpack them. It's not really what I want to do, but I've been facepalming for the last half hour. And I want you to share in my torture.
First suitcase:
This was submitted to documentaries and apparently started to get some upvotes. The loyal left, who TOTALLY DO NOT BRIGADE... did not like it.
Look, I didn't want to watch "Knock down the House"... but I watched it. Because I know that I can critically think about something while I'm watching it and SURE, that Netflix documentary was designed to be a propaganda piece meant to shine the gilded asses of the justice democrats' favorite candidates, but I learned a lot about their techniques when I saw the thing and I'm not sorry I watched it because I'm curious like that.
There have been elections happening in which (in SHOCKING fashion) some right-wing politicians are getting elected despite people being convinced they have no chance. Now, the thing you are SUPPOSED to do when that happens is to go, "Oh no... suddenly Drumpf got President and now the Nazis are everywhere" instead of thinking, "I wonder why formerly leftist countries are moving right... and I hear that it might have to do with dissatisfaction over immigration policy, so I'm going to look at this documentary and see what it talks about..."
The HERO of this thread on documentaries is here!
Hi everyone,
Keep in mind this documentary is created by far right racists, and uses misstatements and misinformation to create materials designed to slander immigrants and attempt to normalize and justify their pathetic hateful views.
See how desperate they are:
You're not crazy, what they're doing is called gaslighting, and they do it in groups to make themselves seem more numerous.
This is the shit valise I have to unpack first. Here's your friendly dude, "Inbredredhats", to tell you about this documentary he totally has not watched via linking to unrelated screenshots from 4chan made by randos. See, the Nazis are trying to get you by saying maybe you should take a look at this documentary.
Saying, "Thanks for pushing people even further to the right" is Nazi code. No matter who says it. NO CONSERVATIVE should really ever say this. Live instead by, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake". If you are in a space predominantly inhabited by the left... do not interrupt them. Because when they say things like, "Borders are a social construct... we should have free migration everywhere... no human is illegal" there ARE Democrats reading that... and thinking, "I was with HER, but open borders are a crazy idea..." and hopefully one of THEM will say, "This open borders stuff will drive people to the right" and then BLAM... in come our enlightened propaganda warriors to say, "Haha! Found the Nazi. We're on a one-way, musty, dank Greyhound bus to commie town whether you like it or not crypto fascist!" And Republicans get another voter in the next election.
White nationalists on 4chan means that every conservative you meet is probably a white nationalist.
THIS thing that our hero posted is, in fact, glorious. Some rando on Medium is gonna tell you about the Nazis and how they are everywhere. Here are some of the things they include in their list of cryptofascist dog whistles. "Power level" - (I've seen commies use this, too. So be careful that you are calling out an actual Nazi for using it and not a comrade.) "state’s rights"...federalism don't real except for when we wanna talk about gun control or weed legalization or some stuff we want...if THEY talk about it, BOOM...Nazis identified! "traditionalist" Especially in discussions about architecture and how people may want to preserve buildings, or in discussions of religion when people want to preserve original traditions... BOOM Nazis! "America first"...of course... NAZIS! Any American wanting the government to put their nation first is a NOTZEEE! "anti-globalist" ... anyone who isn't for globalism and doesn't want a global government is a NOTZEEE! "anti-PC, anti-SJW, etc. " Tired of getting lectured by wokescolds about how your Game of Thrones fan fiction didn't include furry-awareness? NOTZEEEE!
Now the erudite author of the Medium piece compares a photo of 1950's segregation side by side with a photo of Reagan. Yeah, Lee Atwater's also in the pic, but there are plenty of pics of Lee Atwater ALONE... but it would be dare I say, MISLEADING, NOT to have a picture of Reagan, because we're tryna make it clear here that there's literal Nazis hiding everywhere...and Reagan should just be in this somehow.
And now we have a section that shows racist memes and Ben Garrison cartoons.
And NOW our maestro of detecting Nazis honest to Pete I cannot believe the projection says that Nazis use Gish-gallops. I mean... has everyone seen Poppinkream's stuff? That's one helluvah Nazi! Who knew! Thanks Medium "journalist"!
Our Medium "journalist" concludes his primer on online Nazis with a totally real not fake and debunked explainer by Karl Rove on how to be an effective conservative blogger. Read it. Know that Karl Rove WROTE that for the evil conservatives...and do not question.
I wonder how our intrepid Medium hero feels about posting unsourced propaganda that no one can verify. Is that cryptonazi shit?
So...that's THAT unpacked. Now on to the discussion of it over on documentaries:
This dude legit deleted his comment because of the downvotes and backlash over it.
Now the comment thread devolves into a shitshow of just basically saying, "found the nazi", "found one" if anyone expresses a contrary opinion. Because we're "enlightened" now and not just a bunch of braying jackasses.
From what I understand, gaming culture is a harvest ground for white power shit heels. It makes sense, too. Here you have people in a digital space but also relatively isolated. Effective environment to slowly start putting toxic ideas into their heads.
It's not that SJW's (oops, I guess I outed myself as a Notzeeee) got involved in gaming culture and tried to make it conform to rigid SJW guidelines and there was backlash - it's that the Notzeeeees are trying to take over gaming. Can we discuss the problematic sexualization of the female characters in Rayman?
There used to be a time when this subreddit 'community' would quickly downvote such blatant racist propaganda to oblivion.
*edit almost 24hr later: who called reinforcements? When I wrote my comment the post had around 100 up votes and my comment what about -15 votes. My faith in this sub has been restored.
Here you have it.
was posted on /bestof with the title "inbredredhats points out the far right bias in a Documentary post and links to screenshots and articles covering the tactics of the far right. Far right users immediately show up in the following comments to demonstrate those tactics."
Mhmm... that's precisely what happened, innit? You said that out loud. Okay, upvote.
So then the same thing happened but from the left side? -130
There's a chain of reeeeee-ing from people about how it isn't "the left" downvoting, it's just reasonable non racist people and he should go back to Tee Dee!
"Far right users immediately show up in the following comments to demonstrate those tactics."
This user paid ATTENTION to our hero's lesson and now he's in the comment section because he sees a filthy Nazi!
Posting something on bestof for everyone to see isn't the same as coordinated brigading.....
Hm... but posting something on T_D is? Sure... just POSTING on bestof isn't brigading. It's everyone who CLEARLY came over here to vote and comment FROM bestof that IS brigading... but even though you guys KNOW that this is what happened, you are on the right side of history so you're gonna act like NBD.
So ... now that we unpacked that suitcase and small valise... let's move to the large rolling luggage at /bestof
Full thread.
Yep - all but one of the responses to that comment are from users with Masstagger profiles.
They have Discords and subreddits that they coordinate brigading from.
Have you heard of our lord and saver, masstagger? It's a QUALITY tool we use to "mark" the wrong-thinkers. Those people that were commenting there all have the mark. Now that it's linked here, there will be no brigading of that post, because WE are better than THEM.
THEY have subreddits they use to highlight reddit content and then people go OVER to that reddit content and vote and comment on it. I am entirely UNAWARE that I am making this comment on a subreddit that just highlighted that content and deeply impacted the voting there.
They are even more blatent, the fucking post was crossposted to /the_donald and that crosspost was linked to the /Documentaries post
They arent even pretending to hide the brigade anymore
Someone CROSSPOSTED a documentary from The Donald to documentaries. These people are shameless in how they want to spotlight content for those who might be interested in it!
There is now a discussion about how super great masstagger is and how it helps the super diligent and totally pure moderators to purge their communities of evil-doers.
Does it show if you’ve been banned from subs like T_D? In my more bored days I spent a good bit flaming those festering shitholes and have been banned from all of them as a result.
Edit: ...this add-on seems cool but not very well thought out.
Wait! I sometimes go places in order to try to talk to people with different views and I've even been banned for it!!! Has this masstagger marked ME as an evil doer??
It does not. You're flagged right now ( If this concerns you, you probably ought to make a new reddit account.
Sorry, dude, you have the mark. You prolly just wanna burn your entire account, because the tagger has you. Hey... but at least it's not tattoo amirite?
Masstagger can be useful, but I wouldn't say it "scrapes hate subreddits". chapotraphouse, for instance, isn't listed.
/Edit: forgot to mention - BRIGADING hate groups like chapotraphouse, which as I recall, already received a warning for breaking sitewide rules. But thanks for proving my point, whiny sociopaths! -83
He's right. He's TOTALLY right. Masstagger won't tag the chapos. And it should. He's right, so he's downvoted.
CTH is an unmoderated cesspit of abusive jerks and easily-fooled teenagers who want a socially sanctioned target for their aggression -- they're not dedicated to a coherent propaganda campaign, they're just useful tools for when the alt-Right wants to manufacture instances of "leftist violence!" on Reddit.
CTH is a false flag operation.
This is literally delusional. But this OP is a self-admitted commie. A commie who has "infiltrated Nazi online groups" for the past three years, who thinks that the GOP platform is literally the Nazi platform and who believes that the powermods of reddit should unionize in order to purge the site of wrong-thinkers. CTH is a false flag? ROFL. "Their hate is HATE. Our hate is not real hate, it's a false flag by THEM!"
I'm on masstagger because I like Jordan Peterson. Does that make me a neo nazi??
Of course, Herr Hitler!
Some of your participation in the JordanPeterson subreddit includes participation in a post that promoted a witch hunt (one that violated Reddit User Agreement) that was launched and organised by a private subreddit of neo nazis led by the user deathwave88.
The post in point being the one with the screenshot of moderators of the Banout prank.
If you quack like a duck ...
Oh this is gooooooood shit. For real. Because:
The banout "prank"? Long after the banout was proclaimed a super funny joke and important sociological experiment (after including SPS in the list of hate subreddits with users that would be banned from subreddits), here's the same user advocating the same thing totally non-prankingly.
The problematic post on Jordan Peterson was:
Now, it's not like those mods weren't conducting something that was harassing communities across reddit. Or that they mod a subreddit that harasses users for "white fragility", THEY were harassed when someone noticed that they were modding both subreddits.
Are you all in a discord gaslighting threads? Because you mentioned it i didnt even know this existed. So thats whats going on. Far-right and far-left people hit up Reddit threads and compete with votes and comments.
Now i understand why these threads are filled with toxic people left and right. You are launching attacks from discord. Thats why its impossible to find anyone rational. You are all paranoid that anyone here is from the opposing side. I get it now.
I'm sorry, but we're going to have to ask you to leave the bar, you've had a little too much to think!
Aaaand they posted it again, this time prehemptively upvoting it and writing a ton of comments anticipating criticism.
Imagine if they put that kind of effort into something worth doing.
Uh oh, they posted the documentary again. You know what to do folks!
the mods in /Documentaries should be ashamed of themselves
I'll bet the mods of documentaries are like, "I wish bestof would stop brigading the shit and just ignore it if they don't like it..."
Someone posts the name of a specific mod of documentaries and he's a filthy free-speacher!
My masstagger has him as posting on /conspiracy
Who the fuck made him a mod?
This is NOT us targeting people because WE are the "best of" community and we'd never launch any pitchforks and torches shit, but I just need to point out that OMG! Masstagger tagged that mod! They shouldn't be modding!
"Both sides!"
The last time there was any violence from "the left" in any developed country, it was the Unabomber in America in 1996, who was heavily studied and verifiably a lone wolf.
Reddit, today, is saturated with right wing operatives who spread the ChristChurch shooter's manifesto and video. That's one of a litany of incidents from just the first five months of just this year.
DON'T make me tag you! I WILL TAG YOU! Don't you dare mention that Alexandria shooter or anything because SIT DOWN there has been NO LEFT WING TERRORISM in the USA lately! SIT. DOWN.
Odd how the Right thinks there are huge global conspiracies that are undermining society and forcing thoughts into our minds when their cute little communities are trying to do that exact thing with entire guides and play-by-plays on how to do it.

The more these people act out, the more I realize their platform is based in hypocrisy and projection.
On a thread where people are brigading documentaries based on a lie of a comment and also sharing the wonder of masstagger.
Hmmm, politics aside if you approach a debate under the pretense that the opposition is manipulating you with tricks, how do you know for sure that your belief that the opposition is manipulating you is not itself a manipulation. Its the age old question of 'how do you know you are unbiased if you dont know how to measure it in an unbiased way?'. -67
Good downvoted shit. The good shit's all gonna be downvoted here. This is the smartest, sanest comment on the entire thread so far.
Congrats on posting the stupidest post to be made on reddit today.
Welp, that's enough reddit for today.
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